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6 MW YYW thermal fluid heater for petrochemical factory

6 MW YYW thermal fluid heater for petrochemical factory

Project Description

Chengrun Petrochemical is located in Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province.  it specializes in the refinement, production, andreconciliation of base and regular line oil materials. For a long time,refineries prefer  using thermal fluid heaters to preheat the cold materials. Thermalfluid heaters are widely used for the heating of solvent and extractantevaporation devices in  ure of lubricants. Chengrun Petrochemical purchased a customized 6 MW horizontal gas-fired thermal fluid heater YQW-6000Q to upgrade technology and expand capacity in the project ofcreating lubricants and fuel oil.

The thermal fluid heater is a new type of boiler with low-pressure and high-temperature working characteristics. Itsliquid-phase boiler can reach 350℃ oil temperature, and gas-phaseboilers can reach a 450℃ gas temperature. Anybody who needs to heat evenlyand steadily and does not allow direct flame heating can use thermal fluidheater for heating. during the construction of Chengrun PetrochemicalPhase II Project, Chengrun purchased another 6 MW thermal fluidheater YLL-6000MA(W) at ZOZEN. When the project is completed and put intoproduction, Chengrun Petrochemical industry will be a medium - sizedpetrochemical company which will become adominating in production of mechanical oil.


Customer feedback

ZOZEN boiler is located in Yixing  . We are in Jiangyin, weare very close, what’s more, ZOZEN boiler is very influential in our area, the two cities arenext to each other.We trust the productsand service that we canestablish long-term partnershipand development.

— Jiangyin Chengrun Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

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