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12 Jul 2018

How to solve the phenomenon of superheater explosion in circulating fluidized bed boiler operation?

(Question Details) Specific Performance:

The pipe of superheater bursts in circulating fluidized bed boiler operation.

The bed pressure indicator fluctuates little.

Answer:  causes of failure:

(1) Design Factors.

(2) Manufacturing process, installation and maintenance quality.

(3) The temperature control device is unreasonable or does not work properly.

(4) Effect of operating conditions on overheating and explosion of superheater.


(1) Report the fact to operator on duty and require operating the boiler in low load.

(2) When the overheat damage is serious,please report it to operator on duty and require stoping the boiler immediately to prevent blowout of the near pipes.

(3) Adjust the steam temperature as much as possible within the normal range.

(4) If the superheater tube is not damaged badly, it has little effect on the temperature level of the steam, and it can be allowed to run in a low load range for a short period of time.


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