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12 Jul 2018

Breakdown of Coal Feeding System during Operation of Circulating Fluidized Bed.

(Question Details) Specific Performance:

Broken coal is one of the most common failures of the coal feeder. The coal feeder is the lifeline of the boiler. Its normal operation is the basic guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the boiler, because it’s common occurrence that the coal feeder breaks the coal, especially when multiple coal feeders broken coal simultaneously, the improper handling resulting in overheating, explosion, coking, shutdown and other failures.

Answer:cause of failure:

(1) The particles of fluidized bed boiler fuel are coarse, but the fine particles in the fuel have a large amount of moisture. It is very easy to bond, resulting in the clogging of coal bunker and coal feeder.

(2) Coal particles are jammed and squeezed in the coal feeder, causing the coal feeder chain to break.

(3) Impurities in coal, such as woven bags and tree blocks, enter the coal feeder, causing coal feeders to jam, blockage, trip and break pins.


(1) Fluidized Bed boilers are equipped with dry coal facilities according to the physical characteristics of the coal and the actual conditions at the site. effectively reducing fine particles in the coal (such as adding a bypass before the coal crusher) to prevent excessive comminution of the coal, reduce the possibility of sticky coal. According to the actual situation of each coal factory, the boiler coal bunker is equipped with a reliable loosening device, and an electric or manual regulating valve is installed under the coal feeder to ensure the continuity and uniformity of coal feeding.

(2) Make a good selection of the coal supply system and strengthen the inspection of the coal supply system during operation.

(3) Strengthen the management and quality control of fuels to prevent unbreakable debris from entering the coal supply system.

In order to cope with the above failures, ZOZEN has innovatively designed an advanced air distribution system. The stocker can adjust the amount of front and rear air flow according to the types of coal and combustion, and we designed a scale grate, crossgirder grate and reciprocal grate other forms to select according to the different types of coal, to solve the coal particles in the coal feeder clogging, extrusion, resulting in coal feeder chain climbing, broken chain and other issues.


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