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01 Nov 2019

Why investing in high grade heat transfer fluid is a MUST?

Improved Heat Transfer Coefficient

Fluid grade can impact the heat transfer coefficient. High grade heat transfer fluid can improve the heat transfer coefficient within your heating system, which can be beneficial.

Higher Operating Temperatures

Higher grade thermal heating fluid will allow you to successfully operate your heating equipment at higher temperatures without having it break down.

Improved Equipment Performance

Most industrial heating equipment and systems operate better at higher temperatures. Since higher grade heating fluid can handle higher temperatures than low grade heat transfer fluid, you can enjoy improved equipment performance when you invest in high grade fluid.

Long Fluid Life

Higher grade thermal heating fluid may cost more, but it also lasts longer. While low grade heat transfer fluid can last as little as 3 years, high grade fluid can often last 7 to 10 years.

These key benefits make it absolutely worth it to invest in higher grade thermal fluid. From increasing equipment performance to enjoying longer fluid life, there is no question that high grade heat transfer fluids offer increased value even though they may cost more up front.

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