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25 Oct 2019

4 Mechanical benefits of serpentine coil heaters

Here, we'll address four of the key mechanical benefits that serpentine coil heaters have to offer.

1. Coil ReplacementCoil replacement in serpentine industrial coil heaters is notably easier than that in helical coil heaters. With serpentine coil thermal fluid heaters, you can replace one tube at a time instead of replacing the entire coil. This can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of purchasing a new helical coil in its entirety. Because the coil replacement can be taken care of quickly, you'll also save hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding excess facility downtime.

2. Coil DesignBecause of the use of return bends in serpentine coil design, serpentine coils experience thermal expansion in one direction within the confines of the radiant section. As a result, they typically last longer and work more efficiently than helical coils.

3. Tube Wall ThicknessIn most cases, helical coils and serpentine coils in industrial coil heaters use Sch. 40 tubes. However, because of the bending process used in manufacturing a helical coil, the actual tube wall thickness of a helical coil is considerably less than Sch. 40 in parts of the coil, weakening the tube. This is not the case with a serpentine coil.

4. Combustion VolumeSerpentine coils allow for a larger combustion volume in the radiant section than helical coils. As a result, radiant chamber temperatures in serpentine coil heaters are lower than those in helical coil heaters. This means that coils and insulation in serpentine coil heaters have longer lives than those in helical coil heaters.

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