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30 Aug 2018

What is difference between thermal oil heaters and steam boilers?

1. They are all a heat conversion device. The heat transfer medium they use is different. The water used in the steam boiler is heated to become steam. The heat transfer medium of thermal fluid heater is heat medium oil. The heat is transferred to the heated substance by the heat medium oil.2. When a higher heating temperature is required, such as 280 degrees, the steam pressure of the steam boiler should reach 7MPa or more, and the process piping and heat exchange equipment must also withstand the same pressure. The equipment cost is high and dangerous. Thermal fluid heater provides a temperature above 280 degrees, but the pressure is lower than 1MPa.3. The temperature of thermal fluid heater can be accurately controlled within 3 degrees and the temperature of the steam changes greatly.4. Thermal fluid heater is used alone, the exhaust gas temperature is higher, and the thermal efficiency is lower than that of the steam boiler. However, if used in conjunction with a steam boiler, the thermal efficiency can be as high as 90%. Our company provides solutions.5. If the process temperature is lower than 180 degrees, it is recommended to use a steam boiler. When it is higher than 180 degrees or higher, it is recommended to use a thermal fluid heater. If the temperature range used varies greatly, steam boilers and thermal fluid heaters can also be used together.

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