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05 Nov 2019

How much will you spend on the industrial heating system for your facility?

A boilers is an industrial device that not directly contacted by most people, but is closely related to our daily lives. Winter heating supply, steam sterilization for food or medical instruments and thermal energy for various types of factories all require industrial boilers.

When it's time to purchase a new piece of industrial boiler equipment, one of the first questions on most facility managers' minds is: How much is this going to cost? However, this is a big mistake that some customers use low price to blindly measure whether to buy a boiler product. Price is important, but it is not a decisive factor. There are many other important information that we need to learn and compare.


The first to consider is boiler thermal efficiency. Industrial boilers are important energy conversion facilities in production, and boiler thermal efficiency determines the operating costs of the facility, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler is directly related to the manufacturer's design level. That is to say, a high-performance boiler can save the cost of the boiler proper in one year!

Secondly, the manufacturer's manufacturing ability is an important factor to consider whether an enterprise can ensure delivery conditions in quality,time and cost. Enterprises with strong manufacturing capabilities can guarantee both product quality and production cycle.


Then it comes to save investment costs through reasonable selection. The complete set of quotation for industrial boilers consists of the price of the boiler proper and the auxiliaries,the installation cost, transportation cost, etc. Read on to find out 6 factors that influence the cost of the ZOZEN industrial heating system.

The type and parameter of boilers

Industrial boilers have different output for different prices; different pressures require different process technologies, materials and stresses. Therefore, the higher the output and the pressure, the higher the price will be.

The type of boiler fuel

Fuels are classified into gaseous fuels, liquid fuels and solid fuels. Coal, natural gas, oil and biomass are common boiler fuels. Different fuels are suit for different types of boilers and the price will vary. The type of boiler fuel largely depends on local policies and fuel availability.

Industrial boiler system configuration

Different clients have different requirements for the entire boiler system configuration, and the types and brands of auxiliaries also affect the price. Take the NOx emissions for example, the smaller the number, the higher the technical content, the higher the price.

Manufacturing technique

The more sophisticated the manufacturing technique, the higher the price will be, but in the long run, the fuel costs and the maintenance costs will be lower and the boiler service life will be longer.

The region of boiler application

When the commmon boiler is operated at a high altitude region, there will be problems such as insufficient output and low thermal efficiency, which greatly increases energy consumption.

Boiler structure

Industrial boilers are divided into three structures: packaged structure, shop-assembled structure and field-assembled structure. Relatively speaking, the packaged structure saves the most cost and cycle of installation. Boilers of different capacity have different structures. Generally, large-capacity boilers are field-assembled structure, and small-capacity boilers are packaged structure.

Last but not least , the after-sales service is also vital. The boiler is not a one-time item, and the service period can be more than ten years, so there is a high demand for after-sales service. ZOZEN can provide enterprises with boiler training, product debugging, problem consultation, customer return visit and other services.


It's also important to keep in mind that purchasing an entire system in one place can benefit you as well. In addition to simplifying the purchase process, buying a complete system in one place may help you to save money long term.

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