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ZOZEN WNS gas-fired steam boilers effectively reduce operating costs for hospitals

The steam heat source generated by the boiler is widely used in hospital disinfection, preparation production, heating and other fields. Therefore, the boiler is one of the important equipment for hospital logistics support. ZOZEN has customized safe and efficient boilers for many hospitals, which greatly reduced the operating costs of various hospitals.


ZOZEN helps hospital achieves the goal of energy saving

Due to the special nature of the medical industry, the boiler must supply steam continuously for 365 days of the year to ensure the hospital's demand for steam, and puts high demands on the heat source temperature and heating stability.  

In the context of current energy saving and emission reduction, vaious hospitals decided to upgrade the old boiler equipment with low efficiency and high consumption. ZOZEN has successfully become the preferred boiler suppliers of many hospitals, providing safe and stable boiler systems for The Second Hospital of Jilin University, The No.154 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, Nanyang Second General Hospital and many other hospitals. In the medical industry, ZOZEN has accumulated rich project experience.

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boilers for The Second Hospital of Jilin University

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boilers for The Second Hospital of Jilin University

In a hospital, during the daytime work hours, the demand for steam in various hospital departments is large while the boiler load is large. At night, due to the reduction in steam usage, the boiler load will also decrease. In order to effectively achieve the goal of energy saving, ZOZEN reasonably balances the demanded steam difference between peak and valley according to the total amount of steam and the time requirements of steam to ensure continuous and full-load operation of the boiler.


ZOZEN cooperated with West China Hospital of Sichuan University

The West China Hospital of Sichuan University was established in 1892 and has become a national center for critical and critically ill medical treatment in western China. Facing the expansion of medical scale and the strategic goal of "Healthy China 2030", West China Hospital decided to introduce a branch of environmentally friendly steam boilers that use natural gas as fuel, mainly for daily disinfection, preparation, central heating and central kitchen.

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boilers for West China Hospital of Sichuan University

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boilers for West China Hospital of Sichuan University

ZOZEN customized a complete WNS series gas-fired steam boiler system solution for West China Hospital. The boilers not only increased the radiation heating surface on the corrugated furnace to increase the heat transfer coefficient, but also fully absorbed heat by slow down the flue gas flow rate through the high-efficiency threaded tubes. With the energy-saving devices at the tail of the flue, the boiler thermal efficiency was up to 98%.

Meanwhile, WNS series gas-fired steam boilers have the advantages of automatic operation and interlock protection, which can automatically realize continuous frequency conversion combustion of variable frequency water supply and burner, saving energy and electricity as well as greatly reducing labor costs.

In the future, ZOZEN will continue to provide safe and efficient heat source for more medical institutions and promote the high-quality development of China's medical industry.


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