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ZOZEN gas-fired boilers with intelligent control system reduce costs and increase efficiency for ent

As the important power source, industrial boilers are widely used in various industries. More and more users concerned about both the quality and and the operating costs of boilers. ZOZEN adheres to technological innovation and introduces artificial intelligence into the boiler control system, which improves the boiler thermal efficiency and reduces the operating cost  as well as reducing the labor intensity of the boiler operator.

ZOZEN intelligent boiler control system automatically monitors and displays the parameters such as the pressure and flow of water supply pipelines, the drum water level, steam or hot water temperature, etc., and adjusts the boiler water supply system and combustion system to greatly improve the labor intensity of the boiler operator and the low thermal efficiency of the boiler.

Automatic control system of ZOZEN BOILER

Automatic control system of ZOZEN BOILER

In the combustion process of the boiler, the automatic adjustment system adopted by ZOZEN fully guarantees the economics of the combustion process. When the amount of fuel changes, the amount of air supply is automatically adjusted to ensure good economic benefits in the combustion process.

Located in Harbin, Maple Leaf Town Hot Spring Resort covers an area of 70,000 square meters and has 37 indoor hot spring pools in total. The temperature of the winter in Harbin will be 30 below zero, the hot spring water poured out from the deep well delivers to each hot spring pool by the water distribution network after filtering, disinfecting and heating. In this process, the boiler plays a key role in the insulation and heating of the hot spring water. Maple Leaf Town opens 365 days a year, therefore, it puts higher demands on the stability and sustainability of boiler operation. In this case, ZOZEN customized the intelligent boiler system solution for the hot spring resort.

ZOZEN provided complete boiler system solution for Maple Leaf Town

ZOZEN provided complete boiler system solution for Maple Leaf Town

WNS series gas boilers are ZOZEN energy-saving star products. With intelligent control system, it has saved a lot of operation and maintenance costs for Maple Leaf Town. The intelligent control system collects and processes the boiler operation signals, and sends execution instructions to the boiler execution units as if it were the brain of the complete boiler system. When the outlet water temperature of the gas-fired hot water boiler reaches the preset temperature, the control system automatically controls the operation of the burner to ensure that the outlet water temperature is constant under the conditions required by the user.

On the other hand, ZOZEN intelligent control system has greatly reduced the work intensity of the boiler operator. The boiler operator of Maple Leaf Town said that what he needed to do was to  check the boiler operating data on the screen, and then click the buttons to ensure the normal operation of the boiler. He also expressed that he was very happy to witness the technical revolution in the boiler industry.

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