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17 Oct 2019

ZOZEN thermal fluid heater and water purification materials company create a new ecological environm

With the acceleration of the industrialization process, the problem of water pollution needs to be solved urgently. Water purification agent manufacturers have played a huge role in eliminating water pollution. ZOZEN and many water purification materials manufacturers work together to make efforts for the clean ecological environment. Among them, Chongqing Lanjie Guangshun Water Purification Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Chongqing Lanjie Tap Water Materials Co., Ltd., which produces polyaluminum chloride water treatment agent with an annual output of 50,000 tons.

Polyaluminum chloride, also known as water purifying agent, can strongly remove micro-toxic substances and heavy metal ions in water, and is widely used in the purification of rivers, reservoirs and groundwater for urban water supply and industrial sewage treatment. Industrial boilers play an important role as the important thermal energy equipment on the water purification material production lines.

ZOZEN horizontal thermal fluid heater tor Chongqing Lanjie Guangshun

ZOZEN horizontal thermal fluid heater tor Chongqing Lanjie Guangshun

With the continuous expansion of market demand, the company carried out technical transformation of the water treatment agent production line, and the original boiler equipment urgently needed to upgrade. Meanwhile, in the face of increasingly severe environmental pressures, the company decided to purchase environmentally friendly thermal fluid heater which uses clean energy natural gas as fuel.

In the market research process, the project manager of the company found that the ZOZEN YQW seies thermal fluid heater had outstanding advantages in terms of product quality, performance and environmental protection effects. This kind of horizontal thermal fluid heater adopts three pass circular tube design for sufficient heating surface, and the waste heat boiler and energy-saving device disposed at the tail of the heater can greatly reduce the loss of thermal energy, the thermal efficiency can be as high as 95% or more. In addition, advanced low NOx burner can achieve NOx emissions below 30mg/Nm³, which realizes the expected goals of energy saving and emission reduction.

Gas-fired thermal fluid heater system

Gas-fired thermal fluid heater system

ZOZEN has rich project experience in the water purification material manufacturing industry, and has provided efficient and energy-saving environmental protection boiler systems for many water purification enterprises. Yixing Bingqing Water Treatment Agent Co., Ltd. was impressed by the highly automated production line, advanced production technology and strict quality inspection process after visiting the ZOZEN production base.

Thermal fluid heater was undergoing air pressure test

Thermal fluid heater was undergoing air pressure test

In addition to advanced production technology, high thermal efficiency and excellent environmental performance, ZOZEN also meets the requirements of boiler water purification enterprises in boiler automation, making full use of the Internet of Things technology to automatically adjust the combustion, high tank level, outlet temperature and flow rate, which greatly ensures the simplicity and safety of the boiler operation and reduces the operation and maintenance costs.

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