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ZOZEN SZS low NOx gas-fired steam boiler assists military enterprises to complete boiler technical u

Founded in 1933, Luzhou North Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. is a national key enterprise serving the military industry of China Ordnance Industry Group Corporation. The production and processing of military and civilian products of the factory is inseparable from the support of steam. Therefore, the boiler has become one piece of the important energy equipment on the company's production line.

In response to the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan, Luzhou North Chemical Industries decided to eliminate the existing coal-fired boilers and introduce low NOx environmentally friendly gas-fired steam boilers to to meet the requirements of "clean production" for energy conservation and emission reduction.

After various market research and comparison, ZOZEN stood out with the advantages of stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and reached cooperation with Luzhou North Chemical Industries, and tailored the complete boiler system solution of the SZS series gas-fired steam boilers for the company.

The ZOZEN SZS series condensing gas-fired saturated steam boiler is designed with longitudinal double drums and " D " type chamber structure. The membrane wall structure is adopted around the furnace body, the partition wall between the furnace and the convection zone, and the front and rear walls, for better air tightness and larger radiation heating area. The steam temperature can reach 194℃, which can fully meet the actual production requirements of Luzhou North Chemical Industries.

ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired steam boiles for Luzhou North Chemical Industries

ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired steam boiles for Luzhou North Chemical Industries

In this project, ZOZEN adopted ultra-low NOx burner with flue gas recirculation to achieve low NOx emission. By adding flue gas to the combustion air to reduce the oxygen content in the combustion air and the flame temperature in the combustion center, the NOx emissions were greatly reduced. Meanwhile, through the superposition of many world-class technologies such as staged combustion of ultra-low NOx burners and internal circulation of flue gas, the low emission of NOx in boilers is achieved.

Compared with the previous coal-fired boilers, the advantages of gas-fired boilers are significant. In addition to avoid the construction of coal storage sheds and coal unloading facilities, the thermal efficiency of gas-fired boilers is nearly 20% higher than that of coal-fired boilers. The gas-fired boiler room adopted a fully automatic unattended DCS+ frequency conversion control system, which not only reduced the configuration of the furnace personnel, but also decreased the influence of human factors on the boiler operation safety and operation efficiency, ensuring the safe, stable and efficient operation of the boilers.

ZOZEN DCS automatic control system

ZOZEN DCS automatic control system

All operating parameters can be transmitted to the company control dispatching center in real time to realize remote monitoring of boiler operation. The real-time generation and storage of various operational data and various reports are convenient for the management department to supervise and manage the boiler operation.

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