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12 Sep 2019

ZOZEN boilers promote the development of industrial parks and the real economy

Industrial parks are important carriers for the development of the real economy and have accelerated the process of new industrialization. In recent years, various Chinese industrial parks have continued to grow rapidly, injecting new vitality into the development of the real economy.

ZOZEN plays an important role in improving the infrastructure construction of the industrial park and boosting the development of the park. Currently, ZOZEN has provided efficient and environmentally friendly boiler equipment and overall technical solutions for Heilongjiang Kangtai Industrial Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sunqiao Modern Agriculture Park, Zhengzhou Lingkong Biomedical Park and other industrial parks, which will further help the parks to better utilize the scale effect of investment, reduce production costs, and build an industrial agglomeration highland.


ZOZEN gas-fired hot water boilers for Shanghai Sunqiao Modern Agriculture Park

ZOZEN gas-fired hot water boilers for Shanghai Sunqiao Modern Agriculture Park


Zhengzhou Lingkong Biomedical Park is an innovative biomedical industrial park integrating professionalization, scale and ecologicalization. The park has laid out four pillar industries including innovative medicine, third-party testing, cell technology and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

In order to balance economic and social benefits, the Lingkong Biomedical Park provides steam support for the R&D and production of pharmaceutical companies in the park through the self-built energy terminal in the park. Both the scientific research stage need steam for high-temperature sterilization of drug testing equipment and equipment; and the production stage also need steam for drying and cooling of medicines, completion of tableting and granulation, etc.

Whether the boiler equipment can operate stably and efficiently will have a great impact on the research and development and production of the entire park. After extensive market research and comparisons of quality and price, the ZOZEN WNS series low NOx gas-fired boilers were unanimously recognized by the park. ZOZEN tailored the technical solutions that is suitable for the operating conditions of the park on the basis of fully understanding their need.


ZOZEN WNS series low NOx boiler for Lingkong Biomedical Park

ZOZEN WNS series low NOx boiler for Lingkong Biomedical Park


WNS series gas-fired boilers are ZOZEN's environmentally friendly products. They use large-diameter corrugated furnaces with combustion optimization control technology to ensure full fuel combustion while reducing the combustion temperature, so that the sulfide emissions are as low as zero, and the nitrogen oxide emissions are less than 30mg/Nm³. In addition, ZOZEN equipped the energy-saving devices at the tail of the flue to reduce the heat loss of flue gases, and the boiler thermal efficiency reaches as high as 98%, which reduces the operating cost of Linkong Biomedical Park.

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