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10 Sep 2019

ZOZEN boosts the transformation and upgrading of the refining industry

In recent years, the quality of domestic oil products has been improved by environmental regulations, which puts higher demands on the processing level and equipment of refineries. At the same time, major refineries have accelerated the implementation of air pollution prevention and control actions to achieve the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction and green development promotion. As the important energy equipment, the boiler is indispensable in the petroleum refining process. Therefore, various petrochemical companies have put the renovation and upgrading of boiler equipment on the agenda.

With its own technical advantages and rich project experience, ZOZEN has reached cooperative relations with CNPC Jinxi Petrochemical Bihai Company, Sinopec Hubei Petroleum Branch, Dongfang Hualong, Rizhao Binhai Petrochemical, Honghai Chemical and other enterprises.

Among them, Shandong Dongfang Hualong Group is a large-scale oil comprehensive processing and sales enterprise. In order to enhance the overall competitiveness of the company, Dongfang Hualong has increased its investment in safety and environmental protection while continuously promoting the large-scale installation. Regarding the selection of boiler equipment, Dongfang Hualong finally selected ZOZEN after public bidding and various comparisons of industrial boiler manufacturers.


The construction site of ZOZEN YQL thermal fluid heater in Dongfang Longhua

The construction site of ZOZEN YQL thermal fluid heater in Dongfang Longhua


ZOZEN customized a complete set of technical solutions for Dongfang Hualong, including multiple sets of YQL series gas-fired thermal fluid heaters, to ensure the actual needs of its production line. The thermal fluid heater is a new type of special boiler with the working characteristics of low pressure and high temperature and it has wide application range. Heat transfer oil boilers can be used for heating in any production occasion where uniform and stable heating is required, the process heating temperature is between 150℃ and 380℃ while direct flame heating is not allowed.The characteristics of ZOZEN thermal fluid heaters are very significant. Since the heat absorption of the inner coil is much larger than that of the middle and outer rings, the flow of the inner coil is designed to be larger, and the thermal fluid heater is safer and more reliable when operating at high temperatures. At the same time, the complete boiler system has complete operation control and safety monitoring devices, which can precisely control the working temperature, and ensure the simple and safe operation of the boiler.


ZOZEN automatic coiling tube machine for thermal fluid heaters

ZOZEN automatic coiling tube machine for thermal fluid heaters


ZOZEN has also invested a large amount of scientific research to improve the energy efficiency of boilers. The structure and operation principle of the thermal fluid heater causes the exhaust temperature of the tail to be around 300 °C, resulting in huge waste of heat energy. In order to reduce the heat energy loss, ZOZEN added a variety of energy-saving devices at the tail of the boiler flue. Through the recovery and utilization of high-temperature flue gas, the comprehensive thermal efficiency of the thermal fluid heater is improved, by which Dongfang Hualong can effectively achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction.

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