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ZOZEN high-efficiency and low emission gas-fired boilers support Xinjiang to develop green economy

In the process of rapid development in Xinjiang, boilers as the energy equipment have provided strong support for its economic development. Both industrial production and central heating are inseparable from boilers. ZOZEN has always been practicing the green development concept and has gained the praise of users in Xinjiang due to its technical advantages.


ZOZEN hot water boilers provide strong guarantee for central heating in Xinjiang

In Xinjiang, ZOZEN hot water boilers has become the first choice for central heating in airports, hospitals, schools, heating companies and many other companies. Among them, Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone is a state-level development zone approved by the State Council in 1994. It has gathered many famous domestic and foreign brands such as SVW, Sany, Conch Profile, Coca-Cola, masterkong and Yili Group.

ZOZEN became the boiler supplier of Urumqi Economic Development Zone with its high-efficiency and energy-saving boiler system. A branch sets of WNS series hot water boilers have provided strong support for central heating and make their contributions for environmental protection of the zone.

ZOZEN has successively provided more than 20 sets of boilers for the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Agricultural 4th Division, Agricultural 5th Division and Agricultural 12th Division. The boilers' characteristics of low consumption, low emissions and high efficiency have won praises from the Xinjiang Construction Corps.

ZOZEN WNS gas-fired hot water boilers for 3rd Company 29th Regiment

ZOZEN WNS gas-fired hot water boilers for 3rd Company 29th Regiment


ZOZEN steam boilers bring new power to Xinjiang's economic development

In 2015, Nongfu Spring established Yili Nongfu Spring Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. and set up a deep processing production line for fruits and vegetables. As the supporting equipment for deep processing of fruits and vegetables, a boiler provides steam in various processes such as evaporation, concentration and sterilization.

ZOZEN and Nongfu Spring had reached a cooperation relationship for the steam boiler project as early as 2013. This time, Yili Nongfu Spring Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. still selected the ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler.

ZOZEN WNS gas-fired steam boiler for Nongfu Spring Fruit Industry

ZOZEN WNS gas-fired steam boiler for Nongfu Spring Fruit Industry


WNS series condensing gas-fired boilers are typical environmentally friendly products. This series of wet-back condensing boilers are fully automatic, and the boiler combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure can be automatically adjusted to ensure safe and reliable operation for a long time. The design of the large-diameter corrugated furnace ensures sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, which is more conducive to the full combustion of natural gas. With the advanced low NOx burner, the NOx emission can be reduced as below as 30mg/Nm³. Besides, the thermal efficiency of this series of natural gas steam boilers can reach more than 98%, which is superior to the national first-class energy efficiency standards.

Moreover, ZOZEN professionals provide full guidance from the installation and the trial operation of the boiler to the training of the boiler operator, so that each user can enjoy one-stop worry-free service from pre-sales to after-sales.


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