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ZOZEN green gas-fired steam boiler boosts SK hynix to create a new blueprint for the electronics ind

The rapid development of the electronics industry is inseparable from the heat source support provided by boiler equipment. ZOZEN has established a cooperative relationship with many electronic companies including Samsung Electronics and SK hynix semiconductor with its strong corporate comprehensive strength and green development business philosophy.

The higher technical content of electronic information products means the more demanding requirements of the production environment. In the process of mass production of semiconductors, in order to maintain the accuracy and quality of the products, it is necessary to ensure an ultra-clean semiconductor production workshop with constant temperature and humidity. As the heat source equipment, the boiler that can operate stably and efficiently, and provide a continuous stream of high-quality steam will greatly affect the process quality.

SK hynix Semiconductor Co. Ltd. is a Korean company that ranks second in the global semiconductor memory market. As a global chip manufacturing giant, SK hynix established SK hynix Semiconductor (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. in Chongqing Xiyong Comprehensive Free Trade Zone in 2013 to invest in the Nand Flash memory chip packaging test production line, responsible for semiconductor post-processing services.

In 2014, ZOZEN successfully became the boiler supplier of the first phase of SK Hynix Plant in Chongqing with its efficient and environmentally friendly steam boilers. SK hynix decided to use clean energy natural gas as fuel, and put forward specific requirements of low emission for boiler in the terms of environmental protection.

ZOZEN cooperated with SK hynix

ZOZEN cooperated with SK hynix


After fully understanding the needs of SK hynix Plant in Chongqing, ZOZEN tailored the technical solutions of WNS series gas-fired steam boilers featuring high efficiency and environmental protection. The WNS series gas-fired boiler is a typical energy-saving and environment-friendly product of ZOZEN. The large-diameter corrugated furnace enhances the smoke disturbance and effectively improves the heat transfer effect. According to the actual working conditions of SK hynix, ZOZEN engineers equipped energy-saving devices at the tail of the flue, which not only reduced the exhaust gas temperature to 60 degrees, but also increased the thermal efficiency of the boiler to over 98%. In addition, the emission of harmful substances in the flue gas were also lowered down.

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boilers are running at SK hynix (Chongqing)

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boilers are running at SK hynix (Chongqing)


Not only that, the automatic intelligent control of this series of gas boilers ensures that the boiler can operate safely and stably for a long time, which not only saves a lot of operation and maintenance costs for the enterprise, but also meets the needs of continuous operation of the packaging and testing production line all over the year. Up to now, the ZOZEN WNS boilers have been running smoothly for more than five years, providing a strong guarantee for the production lines of chip packaging, testing, memory modules, etc. of SK hynix.Benefiting from continuously innovative research, ZOZEN has maintained one of the best technical advantages in the industry, and will guide the development direction of the entire industrial boiler manufacturing industry.

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