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08 Aug 2019

ZOZEN explores new development opportunities for boiler industry with 5G network

This June, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G commercial license to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Broadcast Network, marking the official commercial use of 5G in China. ZOZEN also follows the general trend of 5G development and deepens the social driving force of "digital economy".


The first year of 5G - intelligent development is both opportunity and chxukege

Since 2018, 5G has become a focus topic of global concern. The general manager of ZOZEN also pay close attention to the new trend of 5G and the major opportunities and chxukeges that 5G technology is about to bring in the industrial boiler industry.Most people may only know about the technology evolution and Internet-boosting of 5G. In fact, as a general technology, 5G can connect and empower with artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things, and digitize the infrastructure to provide new critical infrastructures for the digital economy.As an important part of traditional manufacturing industry in China, industrial boilers' development is Closely related to communication technology. Before the coming of new 5G era, ZOZEN has taken the lead in developing industrial 4.0, and determined to build ZOZEN into an informationized, digitized and intelligentized green factory.


ZOZEN grasps the opportunity of the times and continues to deepen the digital economy

Why should the traditional manufacturing industry develop the digital economy? First of all, we should understand the concept of digital economy. It refers to a digital economic system, and the traditional industrial economy is increasingly presented in the form of Internet-based informationization and technicalization.Digital economy interconnects enterprise and consumers, enterprises and markets, and people and machines. ZOZEN is using the technology of Internet of Things to make great changes in improving steam capacity, increasing steam parameter, reducing fuel consumption, saving steel materials and upgrading technology. Regarding primary construction, ZOZEN has defined the work procedure, all the application software tends to mature, the frontline workers are all proficient in reading drawings with software, therefore, the efficiency is greatly improved.

ZOZEN production workshop has realized comprehensive informatization

ZOZEN production workshop has realized comprehensive informatization


With the development of 5G network, the interconnection of all things becomes more sensitive, which will comprehensively improve the feedback efficiency, making the industrial process detection and control more accurate. In the future, 5G network, industrial boiler and big data will jointly construct the framework of boiler Internet of Things solution, which will make the boiler industry more intelligent.

ZOZEN Internet of Things - the intelligent boiler attendant of clients

ZOZEN Internet of Things - the intelligent boiler attendant of clients


At present, China has entered the first year of 5G, however, there is still a long way to go to achieve nationwide coverage of 5G network. Let's look forward to the chain reaction that 5G network will bring to ZOZEN.

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