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06 Aug 2019

ZOZEN boilers assist Haike Group to build a new energy material production base

The rapid development of new energy vehicles is inseparable from the strong support of power batteries. In the production process of lithium ion battery separators, the processes of forming, drying and heat treatment are inseparable from the stable heat source provided by the boiler. ZOZEN and Shandong Haike Group worked together to build a high-end lithium ion battery wet diaphragm production line.Haike Group is one of the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", serving in the fields of new energy materials, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals and medicine. As the company continues to grow, Haike Group invested in the establishment of Anhui Xinheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd., which is dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of high-end lithium-ion battery wet diaphragms.Diaphragm is one of the important components of lithium batteries, affecting the key characteristics such as battery capacity, cycle performance, charge and discharge current density. The diaphragm production process requires high temperature, and a long-term stable heating source plays a decisive role in the quality of the diaphragm.As an important part of the new energy industry, Xinheng New Materials always adhered to the environmental protection concept when selecting boiler equipment, and chose environmentally friendly boilers with clean energy natural gas as fuel. Therefore, Xinheng Materials planed to introduce gas-fired thermal fluid heaters and gas-fired steam boilers to meet various temperature requirements on the production line.ZOZEN thermal fluid heater for Xinheng New Materials

ZOZEN thermal fluid heater for Xinheng New Materials

After various investigations and comparisons, Xinheng New Materials finally chose ZOZEN to cooperate. ZOZEN has a large production scale with strong strength. The gas-fired boiler is ranked in the top three in the country under the promotion of "coal to gas" policy. Among them, ZOZEN YQW series gas-fired thermal fluid heater has the characteristics of high temperature, low pressure and precise temperature control, fully meeting the high temperature demand of its production line. And the tail of the furnace body is equipped with waste heat boiler, economizer and other energy-saving equipment to achieve waste heat recovery and utilization of high-temperature flue gas, which can greatly reduce the loss of thermal energy and ensure the thermal efficiency is over 95%. In addition, WNS series gas-fired steam boilers feature sufficient output, high thermal efficiency and good environmental performance, which can achieve ultra-low NOx emission. It is used to solve the steam demand of enterprises.

ZOZEN gas-fired boiler for Xinheng New Materials

ZOZEN gas-fired boiler for Xinheng New Materials

This April, the ZOZEN Quality Miles team visited the boiler room of Xinheng New Material to provide free boiler inspection and maintenance. The person in charge of the boiler room said that the boilers produced by ZOZEN had been operating well so far, the combustion efficiency was high, and the characteristics of fully automatic and safe operation have saved them a lot of operation and maintenance costs.

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