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02 Aug 2019

ZOZEN oil-fired steam boiler inject momentum into the Kenyan oil industry

In recent years, with the deepening cooperation between China and Africa, ZOZEN and KPC have built a friendly cooperation relationship with the oil-fired steam boiler project. In the petroleum processing industry, steam is the main factor affecting the energy consumption of enterprises. The safe, efficient and energy-saving boiler system directly determines the quality of oil products and the economic benefits of enterprises.Since 2016, Kenya has accelerated the development of commercial oil production and become a fast-growing oil producing country in the African continent. Founded in 1973, KPC is one of state-owned large oil processing and transportation companies in Kenya.The steady increase in the consumption of petroleum products by neighboring countries has also contributed to the continuous expansion of KPC's oil production capacity. The introduction of safe, efficient and energy-saving steam boiler systems has become a top priority. ZOZEN Boiler, which has strong enterprise strength and rich project experience, has aroused KPC's strong interest. After preliminary communication, KPC decided to visit ZOZEN's factory in China.During the negotiation process, KPC proposed to use heavy oil as boiler fuel to reduce fuel costs. Heavy oil is the remaining heavy oil after crude oil is extracted from gasoline and diesel, which has the characteristics of large molecular weight and high viscosity. Regarding that demand of KPC, ZOZEN tailored the boiler technology solution for the company: The boiler body adopts WNS series three-pass wet-back oil-fired boiler. The three-pass design allows the high-heat flue gas to stay in the furnace for a longer period of time, in conjunction with a large-diameter full-corrugated furnace, the thermal efficiency of the oil-fired boiler can over 98%. Meanwhile, a special heavy oil burning device is arranged to improve the combustion performance of heavy oil.

Full corrugated furnaces of WNS series boilers

Full corrugated furnaces of WNS series boilers

In addition, due to the fuel characteristics of high oil viscosity, ZOZEN also equipped a filtration system and heating device for KPC to ensure the smooth delivery and good atomization of heavy oil, achieving full combustion of fuel, thereby saving operating costs.The collaboration between ZOZEN and KPC in Kenya has a benchmark significance for ZOZEN to march into East Africa and further expand the African industrial boiler market. In the future, ZOZEN will continue to actively explore overseas markets and strive to serve more overseas customers.

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