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30 Jul 2019

ZOZEN gas-fired superheated steam boilers make double efforts for supporting CNEG

The R&D and manufacturing of large-scale equipment is an important indicator of a country's industrial strength and a symbol of the country's overall national strength. The 80,000-ton large-scale forging press independently developed by China National Erzhong Heavy Equipment Group (CNEG for short) has made China a country with high-grade die forging equipment in the world, which is inseparable from the continuous innovation capability of the company. ZOZEN has become the "leader" of the industrial boiler manufacturing industry with its tireless exploration of innovation, and has reached cooperation with CNEG on the large-scale boiler project.

Founded in 1958, CNEG has been adhering to the road of independent innovation and has developed a group of fist products with independent intellectual property rights during the development of over 60 years. CNEG has strong technical strength and strong product development, design and manufacturing capabilities. The superheated steam boiler provides the the required heat energy which is largely consumed in the process of smelting molten steel, pouring ingots and producing finished castings. CNEG set high standards and strict requirements for boiler product quality and after-sales service in terms of boiler procurement. ZOZEN provided a large-scale superheated steam boiler for CNEG with its own technical advantages and quality assurance.

ZOZEN superheated steam boilers for CNEG

ZOZEN superheated steam boilers for CNEG

Due to tight time and short construction period, this project of CNEG is a severe test for ZOZEN. The whole process of the two sets of large-scale superheated steam boilers took only a short period of 30 days from receiving the project orders, completing the drawing design, entering the production process, successfully arriving at the construction site to successful ignition acceptance. According to the average level of the industrial boiler manufacturing industry, this is almost impossible to accomplish, but ZOZEN has turned the impossible into reality, which not only reflects the strong corporate strength of ZOZEN, but also highlights the efficiency and the speed of ZOZEN staff.

ZOZEN modern production workshop

ZOZEN modern production workshop

Innovation is the soul of a nation and the driving force behind a country's prosperity. ZOZEN will also continue to adhere to the development of independent innovation and continuously promote the transformation of "Made in China" to "Created in China".

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