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18 Jul 2019

ZOZEN low NOx boilers obtain early market shares in the UAE

On June 30, the preparatory meeting for the UN Climate Summit was held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. Guterres,the UN Secretary-General, called on countries to take action on the ongoing climate crisis, develop green economy and new technologies, and reduce the use of fossil fuels to decrease carbon emissions. ZOZEN actively develops low NOx boilers, using clean fuels and clean combustion technologies to respond to global environmental calls.

47% of the UAE's territorial area is covered by desert and the UAE's environment is harsh. Therefore, this rich country established in the desert attaches great importance to environmental protection and green development. The UAE is also rich in oil and gas resources, indicating boilers that use clean fuels such as oil and gas are widely applied here.

ZOZEN low NOx boiler

ZOZEN low NOx boiler

Recently, ZOZEN turned its strategic insight to the UAE and launched the high-quality low NOx boiler that meets the characteristics of this country. ZOZEN has been engaged in export trade for nearly 20 years, it not only took the first to obtain ASME certification, but also has international certifications from Europe, Oceania and America.The boiler combines the features of low NOx emissions, high efficiency and full automation. The world's leading steel pipe manufacturer Jindal Group had purchased this low NOx boiler for the ductile iron pipe production plant in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The low NOx boiler has wide fuel adaptability. It adopts the technologies of air partitioning, fuel partitioning and flue gas recirculation and lowers the combustion temperature to achieve the NOx emissions below 30 mg/m³, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection in the UAE. In addition, the large-diameter corrugated furnace design of the boiler is matched with the energy-saving equipment added at the tail of the flue, which can make the thermal efficiency up to 98%.

Delivery of WNS low NOx boiler

Delivery of WNS low NOx boiler

Regarding the user's requirements on the boiler safety factor and control method, ZOZEN technical team combined with the local environmental conditions in the UAE to determine the load of the gas-fired boiler and the detailed design of boiler system. The boiler was equipped with advanced operation control system and safety monitoring device to ensure the convenient operation and safe running.

Global climate action is a chxukege, but also a huge opportunity. All countries in the world should act together. In the future, ZOZEN will continue to work on the research and development of environmentally friendly boilers, which will surely become the development trend of the industry.

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