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04 Jul 2019

ZOZEN and Geely Auto work together for a better travel

With the development of society, automobiles have brought more convenience to life and have become the main choice for people to travel. The steam boiler manufactured by ZOZEN, as one of the important equipment in the automobile production line, provides stable heat energy for automobile manufacturing and works together with automobile manufacturer for a better travel.

Geely Auto is one of the top ten enterprises in China's auto industry. The steam boiler provides a stable heat source for the processes of Geely auto automatic assembly line such as baking and painting. As the company continues to grow and develop, the original boiler equipment can no longer meet the steam needs of daily automobile manufacturing. Geely Auto decided to hold an open bid to introduce a branch of steam boilers with excellent product and environmental protection performance. ZOZEN, who has outstanding advantages in the research and development of gas boilers, won the bid with the WNS series gas-fired steam boilers.

This series of gas-fired steam boilers is an environmentally-friendly gas-fired boiler designed by ZOZEN based on advanced technology and experience. They are characterized by safety, reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient maintenance and fully automatic intelligent control. And they have a good reputation and excellent project performance in the steam boiler market, many well-known enterprises such as Nongfu Spring, Twins Feed and China Railway Bureau have adopted this boiler equipment. The steam boilers manufactured by ZOZEN are stable in operation and high in thermal efficiency. They have made great contributions to Geely Auto for several years and won the praise of the company.

ZOZEN gas-fired boiler project for Geely Auto

ZOZEN gas-fired boiler project for Geely Auto

Benefit from Jiangsu's policy support for traditional manufacturing and innate resource conditions, the production scale of ZOZEN has continued to expand. The advanced automated production lines, including the serpentine tube production line, the membrane wall production line and the CNC coil production line, as well as the information production management system constitute a large-scale, specialized and intelligent boiler production base.

ZOZEN has been specializing in boiler manufacturing for more than 30 years. It not only provided suitable steam boilers for Geely Auto, but also provided thermal energy equipment such as hot water boilers and thermal fluid heaters for various industries. In the future, ZOZEN will strive to upgrade its core technology and help the rapid development of more industries.

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