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25 Jun 2019

ZOZEN and Yili Group Co-authored the "Green Symphony of Development"

Based on the concept of the unremitting pursuit of quality, ZOZEN cooperated with Yili Group to provide high-quality steam boilers throughout the entire process of Yili production line, contributing to the creation of a "green industry chain" for dairy products.

Yili Group is a leading company in China's dairy products. Yili Group regards quality as life. In pursuit of the excellent quality of dairy products, Yili Group strictly controls the whole process of production. Such rigorous attitude is also reflected in the selection of thermal equipment. In the production process of dairy products, steam boilers are the commonly used energy equipment, providing sufficient steam for various processes such as distillation, disinfection and sterilization of dairy products, and the performance of the products has a direct impact on product quality.

In recent years, with the stricter environmental protection policies, Yili Group has successively replaced boiler equipment in several factories in Lindian, Jinzhong and Huanggang. As a boiler supplier focusing on boiler manufacturing over 30 years, ZOZEN has got a particularly outstanding performance in the bidding, relying on the unremitting pursuit of boiler quality.

ZOZEN gas-fired boiler running in Huanggang Yili

ZOZEN gas-fired boiler running in Huanggang Yili

For many years, ZOZEN has always guided the manufacturing quality of industrial boilers, and established the technological standards for digital cutting, welding automation, and assembly in mould mode. The professional manufacturing level meets the customer's pursuit of "quality and performance". The WNS series gas-fired boilers which have won many bids from Yili Group are also the competitive product of ZOZEN. They have the characteristics of high safety factor, high efficiency, automatic intelligent control, energy saving and environmental protection.

ZOZEN partial boiler system in Lindian Yili

ZOZEN partial boiler system in Lindian Yili

At the beginning of this year, Yili Group planned to build a production base of 1,800 tons of liquid milk per day in Wuwei, Gansu Province. The estimated annual output value is expected to reach 6.7 billion yuan. Yili Group planned to purchase several sets of environmentally friendly boilers with both high quality and high performance to provide heat for the entire project.

ZOZEN brought its star product WNS series gas-fired boiler to bidding. At present, multiple sets of the series gas-fired boilers operating on the Yili Group's production line have a thermal efficiency of over 98%, effectively reducing boiler fuel costs; the ultra-low NOx emissions meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements. More importantly, previous cooperations has enabled Yili Group to trust the sound service system of ZOZEN more. In the end, ZOZEN successfully won the bid and customized 3sets of 15 tph gas-fired boiler systems.

Quality is the overall embodiment of product quality and service level, and is also the cornerstone of corporate brand. In the future, ZOZEN will adhere to the product quality, which is the lifeline of enterprise development, and follow the path of sustainable development.


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