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20 Jun 2019

ZOZEN eco-friendly biomass fired boilers attract Chilean enterprise's attention

Ms. Carolina Schmidt, the President of UN Climate Change Conference and the Environment Minister of Chile, called for leaders around the world to face up to the urgency of taking action on climate change, and hoped that all walks of life can lead innovation and make rapid progress in the field of technology applications. ZOZEN has always insisted on innovation drive, and the new generation of eco-friendly biomass fired boilers has a reputation for excellent environmental performance, which has aroused the attention of local Chilean enterprises.

Located in South America, Chile has abundant forest resources and 45% of the country's land area is suitable for vegetation growth. This feature determines that biomass fired boilers that use biomass fuels such as forest waste, wood blocks and deadwood are widely used in Chile. Therefore, local enterprises pay special attention to biomass boilers.

Facing the global environmental problems, the Ministry of Environment of Chile has made stricter requirements for smoke and dust emission concentration of boilers. It is well known that smoke and dust not only pollute the atmosphere, but also poses a great hazard to people's health. In view of this, the Chilean government required a comprehensive renovation and upgrade of the domestic boilers and will monitor the concentration of smoke and dust emissions.

Recently, a large timber enterprise in Chile and ZOZEN have reached a preliminary cooperation intention after in-depth communication. According to the requirements of the timber enterprise, ZOZEN technical team fully considered the fuel characteristics, not only optimized the feeding hopper, the width and length of the grate, rotary speed of gearbox, 1st and 2nd air ratio, the position and direction of the 2nd air outlet, but also customized the biomass fired boiler system for the timber enterprise. The fuel pretreatment system contained therein can crush and dry forest wastes and wooden blocks, and then directly process them into the granular fuel suitable for biomass fired boilers. The side length of the granular fuel is controlled within 3cm and the humidity is maintained at about 35%, which will ensure the stable and efficient operation of the boiler.

The bag filter ensures the boiler flue gas discharge meet the emission standard

The bag filter ensures the boiler flue gas discharge meet the emission standard

The purpose of the boiler retrofit of the timber enterprise is not only to maintain the boiler in a good and reliable operating state, but more importantly, the smoke and dust emission concentration must be less than 30mg/m³. Since the particle size of the dust formed after the burning of the biomass fuel is small, the biomass boiler needs to use equipment such as the bag filter or the electrostatic precipitator to meet the emission standard. ZOZEN recommended a more economical and practical bag filter for the timber companies. After filtration, deashing and final dust cleaning, the smoke and dust emission concentration can be as low as 20mg/m³ for clean production.

The SZL series biomass fired boiler is being delivered for installation

The SZL series biomass fired boiler is being delivered for installation

Ms. Carolina Schmidt also said that in terms of environmental issues, China was expected to become an important partner of Chile, which would bring more significant effects to environmental protection. In this regard, ZOZEN will also actively participate in the practice of promoting resource recycling, realize the comprehensive utilization of forestry organic waste and contribute its share to the sustainable development of the global economy.

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