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13 Jun 2019

ZOZEN makes new achievements in chain grate boiler market

The chain grate boiler is a very mature boiler type, which has the characteristics of simple operation and easy to master, is widely used in all walks of life. As a large-scale enterprise engaged in R&D and manufacturing of boilers for over 30 years, ZOZEN produces various series of energy efficient chain grater boilers, which are favored by customers.

The structure of the chain grate boiler is generally divided into the lower grate and the upper drum. The solid fuel enters the chain grate through the hopper. Stratified combustion technology is applied to the fuel as the chain grate moves, and the entire combustion process is completed on the grate. Solid fuels do not require pipe laying and so chain grate boilers are relatively inexpensive. The system of chain grate boilers has the advantages of simple structure, low cost of construction and operation, but there are also some defects.

On one hand, under the background of global environmental protection, chain grate boilers cannot achieve desulfurization in the furnace, and SOx and NOx carried in the flue gas will cause certain pollution to the atmospheric environment. On the other hand, the solid fuel particles used by the boiler itself are different and the combustion is insufficient, resulting in a generally low thermal efficiency of the chain grate boilers.

The general manager of Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co., LTD., Mr. Zhang Guoping led the company's excellent technical team to summarize and analyze the experience of previous chain furnace projects; by optimizing the hopper, the width and length of the grate for different fuel characteristics, the boiler can generate more steam and burn more sufficiently, the thermal efficiency of ZOZEN chain grate boiler is more than 5% higher than similar boilers on the market.

ZOZEN DZL series solid fuel fired chain grate boiler

ZOZEN DZL series solid fuel fired chain grate boiler

Meanwhile, based on the green development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, ZOZEN also cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University to conduct combustion tests on various biomass fuels such as rice husks, wood chips and palm shells. The thermal efficiency of ZOZEN biomass fired chain grate boiler is over 88%, which is in the leading position in the industry. The special furnace arch structure designed by ZOZEN based on the distribution of combustion in the furnace can make the NOx emission concentration as low as 100mg/m³.

The chain grate boilers developed by ZOZEN stand out  in the fierce competition of chain grate boiler market with high energy efficiency and excellent environmental performance. They have won the favor and praise of a large number of new and old customers and are sold well both at home and abroad. 

ZOZEN SZL series solid fuel fired chain grate boiler

ZOZEN SZL series solid fuel fired chain grate boiler

Among them, CDO, one of the most well-known companies in the Philippine food industry, is an old partner of ZOZEN. Previously, in order to expand production capacity, the company purchased 4 sets of SZL series coal-fired chain grate boilers from ZOZEN. After a period of operation, this series of boilers has both sufficient output and fuel combustion, low exhaust gas temperature and high thermal efficiency, which saves a lot of cost for the company.

Scientific and technological innovation is the primary power source for enterprise development. With its keen market insight and infinite enthusiasm for boilers, ZOZEN has been diligently researching, innovating and researching the boilers, and constantly adding new impetus to the development of the boiler industry.


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