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04 Jun 2019

ZOZEN solved technical difficulties for Charoen Pokphand Group in Thailand

Faced with the increasingly severe environmental protection situation, the state has put forward new requirements for enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities and achieve sustainable development. As a large boiler supplier, ZOZEN has been committed to actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility. ZOZEN provided technical support of eco-upgrades for Charoen Pokphand Group in Thailand. The two sides have achieved win-win cooperation.Charoen Pokphand Group is a well-known multinational company founded by a Thai Chinese, also known as the CP Group. Its products involve finance, real estate, pharmaceutical, mechanical processing and other industries, and its output value and scale are the leaders of the industry. But even such an industry leader has encountered bottlenecks in industrial transformation and upgrading.In 2016, CP Group invested Charoen Pokphand Foods to expand its scale, the entire project covers an area of 340,000 square meters and has an annual processing capacity of 100 million broilers. During the processing of broilers, whether the disinfection & distillation, baking & stewing, or heating & drying, the heat source provided by the the steam boiler is required. In order to purchase a set of high-performance and low-emission boiler, CP Group carried out a public bidding.As one of the bidders, ZOZEN acquired full recognition from CP Group with strong comprehensive strength and systematic solutions, and provided 3 sets of 1.2 million kcal gas-fired thermal fluid heater systems, which has generated the heat source extending from the boiler room to the production workshops of Charoen Pokphand Foods.During the installation, the heat transfer tubing extended from the boiler room on the first floor to the production workshop on the the third floor according to the original project design of CP Group, but the oil supply didn't succeed while the parameters of the thermal fluid heater system were all normal after testing. In view of this, the technical team of ZOZEN discovered through investigation of the entire project that the oil supply failed because the original pipeline pressure was insufficient. After a series of calculations and demonstrations, ZOZEN technicians added a booster pump at the end of the oil supply pipeline, which successfully solved the problem for CP Group.At present, these batches of thermal fluid heaters have been in operation for three years. In the return visit of ZOZEN, the leader of CP Group stated that ZOZEN thermal fluid heaters had good performance and low failure rate, they had become the main force of our production line in the past three years.ZOZEN 3 stes of thermal fluid heaters for CP Group

ZOZEN 3 stes of thermal fluid heaters for CP Group

In the future, as a technical service-oriented enterprise, ZOZEN will continue to exert its strength in technological innovation and keep pace with the times.

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