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ZOZEN biogas boiler - the perfect solution for developing green science and technology

A biogas boiler is a new type of boiler with no fuel cost, but it is unable to scale up due to the instability of biogas supply. The biogas boiler innovatively developed by ZOZEN realizes the full combustion of biogas and natural gas in any proportion, can be widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises such as animal husbandry industry, wine industry, dairy industry, etc., which is much greener while reducing boiler fuel costs, providing practical solutions for the sustainable development of enterprises.

As a renewable energy source, biogas has the advantages of high calorific value and less environmental pollution, and can be used as boiler fuel. A Boiler is a piece of industrial equipment with higher energy consumption. As the boiler fuel, biogas will contributes to the sustainable use of resources and the saving of enterprises' fuel cost of to a certain extent.However, there are still some technical barriers to realize the large-scale application of biogas boilers.

As the boiler fuel, biogas has the shortcoming of unstable supply, when the existing biogas is exhausted, natural gas supplementation is required. The transition process between biogas and natural gas has higher technical requirements for the boiler burner. ZOZEN Boiler has specially developed a burner for biogas through a joint technical research with internationally renowned burner manufacturers, which can achieve the full combustion of biogas and natural gas in any proportion, and completely solved the problem of unstable biogas supply.

At the same time, since the biogas component contains hydrogen sulfide, it is easy to generate acidic substances that will cause corrosion to the boiler body and seriously affect the service life of the boiler. In this case, ZOZEN technical team carried out a series of adjustments to the boiler system, including reducing the formation of acidic substances by setting reasonable exhaust gas temperature and other measures, which can achieve a better anti-corrosion effect and effectively extended boilers lifespan as well as ensuring the thermal efficiency.

The thermal efficiency of ZOZEN biogas boiler can reach more than 98%, the emission of NOx is better than international standards, and it has the advantages of high energy efficiency and high environmental performance and has received unanimous praise from the industry.

In the dairy industry, ZOZEN has provided several biogas boilers for Modern Farming. Modern Farming is an enterprise integrating grass planting, dairy farming and milk processing. The company has a number of self-owned large-scale pastures and nearly 230,000 dairy cows, which will produce a large amount of waste such as manure, straw and sewage every day; the biogas generated from the recycling of these wastes can be used for boiler fuel. In view of this, Modern Farming purchased several sets of WNS series and SZS series biogas fired boilers from ZOZEN. So far, the biogas boilers have created significant economic benefits for Modern Farming.

Meanwhile, the biogas boilers produced by ZOZEN are also widely used in many industries including animal husbandry and brewing, effectively reducing air pollution and promoting sustainable development of enterprises.

The power of science and technology makes it possible to burn the mixture of biogas and natural gas in full proportion. In the future, ZOZEN will continue to actively fulfill its social responsibilities, vigorously develop green technology and move forward to gradually realize the harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

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