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09 May 2019

Fulfill social responsibilities, ZOZEN works together with Vinda to march on a "green" pat

The emphases of fulfilling social responsibilities for enterprises in 2019 will still be high-quality development, improving the quality and services of products and green development transformation. ZOZEN has always adhere to innovation-driven development and green development, actively fulfill social responsibilities and provide environmental protection upgrade solutions for enterprises since its foundation.Founded in 1985, Vinda is a large enterprise setting research and development, production and sales  of hygiene products as a whole entity, taking the leading position in household paper industry in terms of scale of production, product quality and market share.Vinda is always insisting on the mission "environmental protection and energy saving" and has striven to provide clean and comfortable hygiene products and services.  High quality and high performance equipment are essential support for an enterprise that insists on environmental protection and energy saving. Paper industry steam consumption possess a large proportion, demanding for the stable heat source provided by steam boilers; the quality of steam gas a direct impact on the output and quality of production lines.In order to respond to the national environmental policies actively, Vinda introduces advanced and completed environmental protection equipment to strictly comply with national requirements, dismantles previous coal-fired boilers and replaces coal with clean energy natural gas. Vinda conducted a three-month market survey when choosing the boiler supplier, and found that ZOZEN is a boiler enterprise taking energy conservation and environment protection as its core, which is perfectly in harmony with the the principle of green development of Vinda. After learning about the operating condition of Vinda, ZOZEN provided them with one set of 15 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler (WNS15-1.25-Q). This series of gas-fired boilers adopts a large-diameter corrugated furnace to ensure the full combustion, the thermal efficiency can reach over 98%. ZOZEN also designed a recycling device for re-utilization of steam condensate to reduce energy consumption and improve user benefits; in addition, considering the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the boiler is equipped with a ultra low NOx burner to reduce the NOx emissions.

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler for VindaThe "coal to gas" boiler solution that ZOZEN provided for Vinda combing with Vinda's actual needs, is completely consistent with the operation conditions of the production line. ZOZEN gas-fired boiler achieves high efficiency, low emission and fully automatic and safe operation, effectively reduces the operating costs as well as making a contribution to environmental protection after putting into operation.As large enterprises with social responsibilities, ZOZEN works together with Vinda to fulfilled their social responsibility of pollution prevention. Both of them will have the fine prospect of business development as well as environmental protection development.

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