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02 May 2019

ZOZEN assists the rubber industry in breaking the barriers for environment protection

As the important industry of national economy, the rubber industry must take corresponding changes to complete the upgrade task with the increasingly fierce competition and more stringent environmental requirements. Being outstanding in the environmental protection boiler industry, ZOZEN cooperated with multiple rubber enterprises and assisted them in boiler upgrade, making contributions to improving the green manufacturing level of the rubber industry.

ZOZEN alleviates burdens of environmental protection for the rubber industryThe rubber industry has maintained stable and rapid development in the circumstance of stable global economic. Due to large increases in the cost of raw materials, labor and environmental protection, the profit margins of the rubber industry has collapsed in recent years. Except for well forecasting and grasping the direction of raw material market and enhancing the ability of self-regulation, gradually achieving the low cost operation are the effective countermeasures for current situation.

As the important heat energy equipment in the rubber industry, industrial boilers are widely used in the processes of rubber calendering, vulcanization and drying, which are the controllable loop of environmental protection cost. Improving the boiler thermal efficiency and reducing the boiler operating cost on the base of complying with environmental requirements are one of the major approaches.

ZOZEN has served a lot of domestic and foreign rubber products enterprises and has extensive project experience in this industry. National governments has established stringent environmental standards for the rubber industry, which is one of the heavy polluters. The environmental protection boilers produced by ZOZEN sucessfully reduce the emissions of harmful gases such as nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide to meet the environmental protection requirements for the rubber industry.

Meanwhile, rubber enterprises need a large quantity of steam; the load of steam is extremely uneven, which means the rubber enterprises have strict requirements for steam pressure, adding  great difficulties to the economic running of boilers. ZOZEN takes much efforts in reducing the fuel consumption, heat loss and power consumption, increasing boiler operational economy and declining the environmental protection cost  in the rubber industry.


ZOZEN thermal fluid heater project for Zhuobao Science


ZOZEN biomass boilers are preferred by rubber enterprisesAccording to the statistics, gas-fired boilers, thermal fluid heaters and biomass boilers are all popular with rubber enterprises, especially the SZL series biomass boilers become the first choice of rubber enterprises with low emission and low operation cost.

The kind of boilers is adapted to a variety of biomass fuels, the combustion test indicates that the thermal efficiency can reach up to 88%, the special furnace arch design reduces the NOx emission below 100mg/m3, featuring excellent environmental protection and energy saving effect. At the same time, for the fuel cost, the cost of biomass pellets is half the the cost of natural gas, so using biomass pellets as boiler fuel can effectively reduce the operating cost; for the boiler structure, this kind of boiler has the impact design with single layer arrangement, has the characteristics of convenient field installation, short installation periods and easy operation, saving money and time for enterprises.

Take Sentury Tire as an example, the company introduced 2 sets of 20 tph SZL series biomass-fired boilers from ZOZEN in 2015. The high-quality boiler products and services were highly recognized and praised by the enterprise during cooperation period. ZOZEN made the regular return visit in this April, the boilers worked well and all the indexes were normal.


ZOZEN biomass-fired boiler project for Sentury Tire


In fact, ZOZEN boilers are widely used not only in the tires, but also in the whole rubber system including rubber hoses, adhesive tapes, rubber latexes, shock absorption and shock insulation aids. Look into the future, ZOZEN will move forward together with rubber enterprises in the wave of industrial revolution.

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