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30 Apr 2019

ZOZEN after-sales team went to Thailand to provide maintenance services for Sentury Tire

Each brand has a set of professional service system, ZOZEN is the boiler supplier that has a comprehensive service system, this system is service customer-oriented, reflects the professional technology and  intimate service of ZOZEN. That is the whole-process service make the world recognize the brand of ZOZEN.

In the beginning of April, ZOZEN after-sales team got a call from Sentury Tire (Thailand) Co. Ltd. As a long-term partner of ZOZEN, Sentury Tire purchased 2 sets of 20 tph SZL series biomass-fired boilers for added tire production line in the end of 2014. So far, the boilers have been put into operation for 5 years, and gained high praise from Sentury Tire with their good conditions.

In order to ensure the subsequent safe and efficient operation of boilers, Sentury Tire specially invited ZOZEN after-sales team to Thailand to provide maintenance services. in line with the concept of taking customer’s problems as a top priority, the manager of ZOZEN immediately sent the elite of after-sales team to provide on-site service for Sentury Tire in Thailand.

First, the after-sales personnel of ZOZEN observed and inquired the site operation personnel of Sentury Tire about the main technical parameters including the load of main engines, the temperature at each measuring point and the pressure, which provided better insights for analyzing the abnormal fluctuation of data and laid the foundation for after-treatment. Meanwhile, the after-sales personnel of ZOZEN checked pressure gages, safety valves, interlocking systems, etc. to make sure the safe running of boilers.

The after-sales personnel of ZOZEN pointed out and corrected some non-standard operations of the site operation personnel and patiently answered the questions they raised. In order to make sure the more stable and efficient running of boilers in the future, the after-sales personnel of ZOZEN explained the set parameters of the control system interface in depth on the base of real-time operating data, enhancing the training on boiler use and maintenance of the site operation personnel.

the site operation personnel of Sentury Tire expressed that the guidance of ZOZEN is very detailed, I not only learned the specific process of boiler maintenance, but also had a better understanding of boiler daily operation and maintenance.

The successful completion of the maintenance mission left a deep impression on Sentury Tire, they appreciated ZOZEN for the high-quality and high-efficiency service, which showed the enterprise purpose: Ensure every set of boiler top-of-the-line; put every customer's problem as a top priority.

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