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23 Apr 2019

ZOZEN innovated new gas-fired thermal fluid heaters with another improvement of thermal efficiency

As an important member of industrial boilers, thermal fluid heaters are widely used in all walks of life because of high temperature, low pressure and smooth running. With the rapid development of the times, thermal fluid heaters are also in unceasing upgrading. The new thermal fluid heater innovated by ZOZEN meets the green developing requirements for new times, and is very popular in the market.

Traditional thermal fluid heaters use coal as fuel, harmful gases such as sulfides and nitrogen oxides are produced during operation, which will cause serious air pollution, in addition, they are gradually eliminated by the market due to the incomplete combustion and low thermal efficiency. the upgrade of traditional thermal fluid heaters, the gas-fired thermal fluid heaters came into being to meet the requirements of the current market. As the requirements of safety, energy saving and environmental protection are increasing year by year, how to accelerate the development of energy conservation and emission reduction of gas-fired thermal fluid heaters has become the new topics and chxukeges of industrial boiler industry in the future.

Based on the core patent technology of "energy saving" and "high efficiency" , ZOZEN took the lead in innovating the new gas-fired thermal fluid heaters on the basis of previous ones to further improve the thermal efficiency. The heaters fall into two categories: YQW series gas-fired horizontal thermal fluid heater and YQL series gas-fired vertical thermal fluid heater, which can meet the needs of different production environments.

The heat exchange surface of the new gas-fired thermal fluid heater developed by ZOZEN adopts multi-loop round coil tube structure, which features high security, sufficient heating surface and high thermal efficiency. The manufacture of round coil adopts advanced CNC coil production line, once-forming; the conical coil is used for the effective protection of the furnace wall at the boiler end and the burner, reducing the self-loss and expanding working life of the heater.

ZOZEN YQL series vertical thermal fluid heater project

ZOZEN YQL series vertical thermal fluid heater project

In addition, the thermal fluid heater is equipped with a variety of waste heat recovery devices to reduce the temperature of tail flue gas from 300℃ to 170℃, the released heat energy can be used in the heating medium that produces steam, hot water and hot air, realizing the energy reuse; the thermal efficiency is 5~15% higher than traditional thermal fluid heaters. In brief, each 7 MW ZOZEN new gas-fired thermal fluid heater will save as high as $ 46,000 annual fuel cost for the enterprise.

Once launched, the thermal fluid heater has been phrased by many well-known customers including Singapore Highpoiymer Chemical Products Pte.Ltd, Sotrate Ch Limotee, Pantone Finishing Corporation, etc; They provided positive feedback that ZOZEN products had good quality and the market leading performance, they effectively reduced the running cost of boilers and assisted the high quality development of enterprises.

ZOZEN YQW series horizontal thermal fluid heater project

ZOZEN YQW series horizontal thermal fluid heater project

Review the development history of thermal fluid heaters, the product have d better development prospects. Facing the higher requirement of the market, ZOZEN will never slacken its effort s in scientific and technological innovation and strive to innovate better products to safeguard the position of the industry benchmark.

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