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18 Apr 2019

ZOZEN won another cooperative partner in Tanzania with competitive strength

Going green has been the mainstream of the world, each green action is focus on the life activities of human; the green construction industry has been an emerging industry with global coverage. After achieving cooperation with the green construction company in South Africa, ZOZEN won anther cooperative partner in Tanzania, MEGA WOODCRAFT PRODUCTS(T) LTD, and provided the company with a batch of environment friendly boilers.Mega is a high-tech enterprise committed to building economically affordable housing with environmentally friendly materials and producing & supplying environment friendly building materials in Tanzania. A boiler is the important equipment in the production processes of building materials, providing high-quality steam support for synthesizing and drying.To fulfill the social mission of environmental protection, Mega planned to import more energy conservation and environmental protection boilers. Benefit from the Belt and Road, Mega had the opportunity to learn more about ZOZEN.After the deep communication with each other, Mega showed great interest in the gas-fired boilers featured excellent environmental performance and market share. The thermal efficiency of this boiler can reach up to 98%, flue gas emission is superior to international standards, in addition, the sufficient storage space of steam and heating surface ensure the boiler effectively generate high thermal power and high-quality steam, which fully matched the high requirement of Mega.When it came to the delivery time, ZOZEN agreed their urgent requirement for short delivery time. The manger of Mega couldn't understand why ZOZEN could compress the delivery time below two months while other boiler suppliers were failed to do so. As we know, if you want to export products to Tanzania, you have to cross the fussy trade barrier of COC certification. ZOZEN has developed international trade for nearly two decades, exported boilers to over 100 countries and obtained the international certifications including ISO, ASME,CE, etc, COC certification will not be an exception. Meanwhile, ZOZEN has a large production scale and adequate inventory of components, which will significantly shorten the delivery time.Finally, ZOZEN signed a cooperation agreement with Mega, and provided one set of gas-fired boiler (WNS2-1.25-Q). Nowadays, the boiler has been running smoothly for a period of time, the excellent environmental performance won the high praise of the government of Tanzania. The manager of Mega expressed that this cooperation was a great experience.More and more international enterprises are joining the rank of ZOZEN partners like Mega. The Belt and the Road proves China's strength to the world, and ZOZEN proves its strength to the world with the support of The Belt and the Road.


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