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08 Mar 2019

ZOZEN assisted ENN Group to bring green energy into our lives

With the increasing global awareness of environmental protection, stricter and stricter environment protection policies have been released successively, use clean energy has become an inevitable trend. All types of environment-friendly of ZOZEN boilers emerged to meet the market requirements, and were highly appreciated by all walks of life with their outstanding performance. ZOZEN successfully assisted ENN Group, a clean energy distributor, to bring clean energy into innumerable families, which made contributions to environment protection.ENN Group is one of the largest private energy companies in China focused on providing cleaner energy to support sustainable growth, the business covers over 20 provinces in China, Southeast Asia, Oceania and many other regions. ENN Energy, a subsidiary of ENN Group, is one of the biggest energy distributors in China.The production and trade of natural gas has been growing day by day in recent years, natural gas production has become the core industry of ENN Group. The boiler is an essential equipment in clean energy system, providing heating energy for pyrolysis gasification and coal hydro gasification, so the ENN Group attaches great importance to the selection of boilers.To meet the business development of subsidiaries, ENN Group needed to purchase several sets of boilers. ZOZEN became the boiler supplier for ENN Group with its excellent products and premium service and provided them 21 sets of gas-fired boilers in succession. This batch of boilers further expanded the capacity of ENN Energy and made the broad use natural gas a reality.


ZOZEN has always been adhering to the development concept “take every set of boiler seriously; ensure every set of boiler top-of-the-line”. As an industry leader, ZOZEN has introduced and self-developed multinomial production techniques and solved multiple technological problems. In addition, ZOZEN has comprehensive after-sales system and good market reputation; customers cover all walks of life all around the world. ZOZEN has designed over 400 kinds of boilers to meet the different demands in different industries.ZOZEN are always keeping making progress step by step. In 2019, ZOZEN will continue to work with ENN Group, participate and witness the rise of clean energy industry together.

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