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05 Mar 2019

ZOZEN low NOx circulating fluidized bed boilers emerged in response to the environmental protection

As the environmental protection policy is further promoted in recent years, high efficiency and low pollution have been the major factors in boiler selection of many enterprises, ZOZEN developed another environmental friendly product according to market demand - the SHX/DHX circulating fluidized bed boilers, they successfully gained the favor of many enterprises once they are available.There are two series of ZOZEN circulating fluidized bed boilers: SHX and DHX, both of them withhold the technical advantages of low-temperature circulating fluidized bed combustion, and achieve the purpose of effectively controlling the bed temperature at 860~880℃ and reducing the NOx emission by means of adjusting the supply air ratio of primary and secondary air, optimizing the distribution of the secondary air and designing the heating area of the furnace rationally. ZOZEN technicists also adopt the design of low wind chamber wind pressure, lower the ration of primary air, adjust the resistance of air distributors, chose the appropriate motor power of primary and secondary air fans to achieve the goal of reducing as much as 20-30% factory power consumption.ZOZEN circulating fluidized bed boilers gained the attention of Keran Biology with the features of high efficiency and environmental protection, and supported their environmental protection upgrade. Inner Mongolia Keran Biology high-tech Co. LTD. is a soybean deep processing enterprise specializing in developing, producing and sales. A steam boiler is a very important equipment in the soybean deep processing, providing steam support for sterilization, heating, drying and other production processes.In response to the call of energy-saving & emission reduction policies, Keran Biology decided to renew boiler equipments and introduce energy-saving and low-pollution boilers. After conducting a comprehensive research and analysis on national boiler suppliers, Keran Biology was deeply impressed by ZOZEN circulating fluidized bed boilers, which have both excellent environmental performance and product performance to meet the requirements of the company.This series of boilers not only achieves the goal of controlling the NOx emission by low temperature, but also has the fuel wide adaptability, especially the inferior coal with low calorific value. ZOZEN technicists optimized the separator structure to ensure its abrasive resistance, the separation efficiency is over 98%, and reduce the nitrogen content in fly ash to effectively improve combustion efficiency. It's worth mentioning that the ash is of high activity and easy to realize comprehensive utilization, which means there will be no secondary ash pollution.Nowadays, technological innovation has been the root that modern enterprises rely for existence, especially the boiler industry. ZOZEN deeply understands the truth, and always concentrates on technical research and develops the boiler products to meet the requirements of the times.

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