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20 Feb 2019

ZOZEN SZL series water tube boilers support the capacity upgrade of edible oil industry giant in Pak

ZOZEN has been committed to the R&D and production of industrial boilers since its foundation in 1988, and has become the biggest national producer of the same industry. With over 30 years of efforts, ZOZEN high-quality and high-performance boilers are exported to many countries and regions all over the world and all walks of life including tobacco, rubber, food, paper-making, pharmaceuticals,  electronic, heating industry, etc. ZOZEN SZL series water tube boilers gained the favor of Chitral Oil & Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd. with the features of wide fuel adaptability, safety, high efficiency and high level automation, they also successfully supported the capacity upgrade of the company.Chitral Oil & Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd., established in 2004, is a large oil enterprise. Its main products are cooking oil, edible oils, vegetable vanaspati and industrial fats. As the consumption patterns are changing in Pakistan, the demand for edible oil is growing day by day. Currently, edible oil is the second-largest imported products in Pakistan, after petroleum products, the government is trying to increase local production to improve the country's import and export situation, which provides opportunities for the capacity upgrade of Chitral Oil & Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd.With the strongly support of government, the company planned to introduce several more production lines. Steam provides heating energy for manufacturing processes including impurity removal, drying, decoloration and filtration, hence, the steam boiler is the essential equipment for the production line. The technical team from the company conducted a comparative analysis of the steam boiler products on the market to ensure the boilers’ high durability of quality and performance. ZOZEN SZL series water tube boilers left a deep impression on Chitral Oil & Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd. with the outstanding performance and good market reputation.After the In-depth exchange with ZOZEN Engineer Team, Chitral Oil & Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd. fully affirmed ZOZEN’s advanced and professional manufacturing technique and ordered several sets of 10tph SZL series coal-fired water tube boilers. ZOZEN also customized feeding system, mucking system and tail flue gas processing system for them, which Chitral Oil & Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd. spoke highly of.


This cooperation with edible oil industry has established a profound foundation for ZOZEN marching into the new market in Pakistan. ZOZEN will take this opportunity to strive for further overseas development.

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