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14 Dec 2018

Adhering to the best quality, ZOZEN gains new partner in Bangladesh

ZOZEN, as one of the most well-known industrial boilers manufacturers, always takes the lead in quality of boilers since its establishment. Over the past 30 years, ZOZEN has produced thousands of high quality boilers, which have been exported to Australia, Russia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, etc.. ZOZEN has provided all kinds of boilers for more than 12000 customers. This year, ZOZEN gains new partner in Bangladesh with high performance products.

MASHATEX RESOURCES is a large apparel makers, which is engaged in producing jeans, skirt, knitted pants, and knitwear, etc.. Its main production base is in Bangladesh. Steam is an essential element in its production process. The running of gas-fired steam boilers used by MASHATEX RESOURCES before is really unstably, making a serious effect on its production. Therefore, MASHATEX RESOURCES has made a decision to order some quality steam boilers instead of original ones.

In order to choose right business partners, MASHATEX RESOURCES has examined lots of famous boiler manufacturers worldwide. ZOZEN's advanced production equipment and strict management system of quality control have impressed MASHATEX RESOURCES a lot so that it created a partnership with ZOZEN.

ZOZEN has already designed over 50 professional manufacturing equipments, featuring automated production almost in overall process of boiler making, including cutting, rolling, drilling, pipe-bending and welding. Meanwhile, ZOZEN has also set seven inspection procedures to guarantee the boilers' quality.

ZOZEN's general manager feels honored to be trusted by MASHATEX RESOURCES. Taking actual demand of MASHATEX RESOURCES into consideration, ZOZEN provides WNS series fire tube steam boilers for it. This kind of steam boiler is not only designed to have sufficient output and high efficiency, but also featuring full automatic intelligent control, which makes combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure be adjusted automatically and self protected, ensuring the boilers to run stably and safely for a long time. Furthermore, WNS series fire tube steam boilers belong to be package boilers, helping save installation time and costs.

This cooperation not only helps ZOZEN get fame in Bangladesh, but also promoting ZOZEN's development in Southeast Asia market. ZOZEN's general manager has said that ZOZEN will still be committed to developing technology and improving the quality in the future, offering better value for customers.

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