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06 Dec 2018

ZOZEN’s WNS series hot water boilers help keep Inner Mongolia warm this winter

Hot water boilers made by ZOZEN stand out from the boiler market with safe operation, high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, building a great reputation in a variety of areas. This time, ZOZEN’s WNS series hot water boilers help keep Inner Mongolia warm in the harsh winter.

Inner Mongolia’s winter is extremely cold and the lowest temperature can hit 30 degrees below zero. In order to make sure that the production workshops can still maintain normal operation in the cold winter, hot water boilers have played important roles for every enterprise.

Jianyuan Coking Co., Ltd., located in Inner Mongolia, mainly produces metallurgical coke, coking benzene, methylbenzene and pitch, etc.. This company is able to produce 6.9 million tons of coke and over 300,000 tons of chemical products annually. The products have been exported to Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions. In 2018, laws and regulations on environmental protection are becoming much stricter all over the world. The original coal-fired hot water boilers used by Jianyuan Coking Co., Ltd. can't survive in the current era. Therefore, this company is eager to order several sets of eco-friendly hot water boilers to meet their heating demand this winter.

After knowing their actual demand, sales manager of ZOZEN has recommended them WNS series gas-fired hot water boilers. These boilers adopt large corrugated furnace and advanced low NOx burner, which can make NOx emission lower to 30mg/Nm3. Thread smoke tube is used for better heat transfer. Depending on user's actual working condition, different energy-saving equipment will be added at the end of flue gas duct so that exhaust gas temperature can lower to 60℃. The thermal efficiency of ZOZEN’s hot water boilers can reach above 98%.

Furthermore, WNS series gas-fired boilers are designed to be package boilers, which help saving the installation time and costs. These kinds of hot water boilers totally meet the urgent needs of Jianyuan Coking Co., Ltd. for heating.   



ZOZEN not only helps keep Inner Mongolia warm in harsh winter, but also brings warmth to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, gaining favorable reception with quality products, fast delivery time and devoted customer service.

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