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08 Oct 2018

ZOZEN’s WNS series fire tube boilers are preferred by SOORTY in Pakistan

ZOZEN’s WNS series fire tube boilers are favored by SOORTY in Pakistan with the energy conservation and environmental protection characteristics. Therefore, ZOZEN successfully cooperated with SOORTY.SOORTY is one of the largest vertically integrated denim manufacturers from Pakistan. It produces denim fabrics and jeans for brands such as H&M, ZARA, Calvin Klein, etc.. Production capacity of 2.5 million garments per month makes them leader of the league. Steam boilers play an important role in the process of dyeing, steaming and printing. With increasing demand in international market, SOORTY, which believes that sustainability is a lifestyle, decided to add a new environment-friendly steam boiler. After comparing many steam boilers from kinds of boiler manufacturers, SOORTY preferred ZOZEN’s WNS series fire tube boilers, which meet all the needs of SOORTY.ZOZEN provided SOORTY with one set of WNS series fire tube boilers according to ASME standard. This kind of fire tube boilers is suitable for a wide variety of fuels, meeting SOORTY’s requirement that they would like to use natural gas as the fuels. Whole corrugated furnace is adopted for fuels to be fully burned and the thermal efficiency can reach above 98%. Advanced low NOx burner is used for the good energy-conservation and the environmental protection effect.The partnership with SOORTY, who is one of the apparel giant in Pakistan, has made ZOZEN more famous in the south Asian market. Furthermore, this cooperation is of great significance for ZOZEN to widen the international market.

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